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A Comparison of Temporal Life Satisfaction of Nursing Students in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bulgaria


¹ Denis Toma

² Yulia Chusova

¹ Mara Županić

¹ University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

² Specialities Medical University of Varna, Varna, Bulgaria



Author for correspondence:

Mara Županić

University of Applied Health Sciences Mlinarska cesta 38, Zagreb, Croatia



Keywords: temporal satisfaction with life, nursing students, place of studying





Introduction. Temporal satisfaction with life can be defined as satisfaction of an individual with their past, present and future life. When conducting a clas- sic study of satisfaction with life, the focus is placed on different periods in life in order to avoid a poten-

tial error in measuring satisfaction with life. Closely connected to the concept of satisfaction with life is the concept of happiness, which represents a mo- mentary, passing experience. Although it is pleasant, it can last for a shorter or longer time period. Sat- isfaction with life is a much more complex concept. Many authors define it as a general feeling or opinion about the life of an individual. There are a number of factors from different areas of life that contribute to satisfaction with life. They include work, romantic re- lationships, relations with family and friends, person- al growth and health, among others. The measures of satisfaction with life are generally subjective or they are based on variables that an individual considers especially important in their own life.

Aim. The aim is to question and compare the differ- ences in temporal satisfaction with life among nurs- ing students in Croatia and Bulgaria.

Methods. The study included 100 nursing students, out of which 50 students are studying in the Re- public of Croatia and 50 in the Republic of Bulgaria. The study used a questionnaire as an instrument of research. The questionnaire was The Temporal Sat- isfaction with Life Scale (hereinafter TSWLS), which was devised in 1998 by Pavot and associates.

Results. A statistically significant difference was found in 9 out of 15 statements. Furthermore, a sta- tistically noticeable difference is seen in the average evaluation of overall temporal satisfaction with life between Croatian and Bulgarian nursing students.

Conclusion. The study determined statistically sig- nificant differences in temporal satisfaction with life amongst students of nursing from Croatia and Bulgaria.