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Volume: 3; Number: 2
Healthy Settings / Health Promoting Settings

Irena Kovačević ; University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

Valentina Krikšić ; Health Care Facility Domnius, Zagreb, Croatia

Štefanija Ozimec Vulinec ; University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

Boris Ilić ; University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

Adriano Friganović ; University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

                                            University Hospital Center Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Sanja Ledinski Fičko ; University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia


In addition to genetic factors, human health is influ¬enced by many other exogenous factors: environ¬mental set-up, housing conditions, education, public services, social security, protection of people, etc. Health improvement and the creation of potentials for good health before health problems and vulner¬ability appear are the fundamental determinants of health promotion.

The World Health Organization ad¬vocates health promotion and providing healthy sur¬roundings that would allow the maximal expression of all human potentials (mental, physical, social, spir¬itual). The aim of this article was to examine the as¬sociation of environmental factors that affect mental and physical health. By a series of public health pro¬grams, there is an attempt to preserve health from the earliest beginning of life – from its conceivement. Negative environmental factors present in the early phases of childhood may produce far-reaching conse¬quences for the entire life. Critical groups include el-derly people, homeless, migrants, persons with spe¬cial needs and those living on the margin of poverty.

The reorientation of the health system is necessary, so that its focus is moved toward the individual and community, and to strengthen the culture oriented to health and prevention, not to disease. The coop¬eration and linking inside the sector and with other sectors by the creation of partnerships and networks is unavoidable. There are many examples of the Healthy Cities project that contributed to the wellbe¬ing of citizens on the level of city administration.

health promoting settings, environmental factors, holistic nature of health, social policy, healthy city